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What We Offer

Sleep Apnea

Snoring Relief in the Apopka Area: Sleep Apnea Symptoms Treatment

Many people experience snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. SOFTOUCH DENTAL offers a range of sleep apnea therapies to help you sleep better and stop snoring. We have helped many snoring sufferers who have found sleep masks and CPAP machines unpleasant. We also provide sedation dentistry.

Schedule a consultation with Apopka sleep disorders dentist Dr. Nguyen to talk about which method might be best for you.

It's easy to make an appointment right now. Just call our helpful staff at (407) 323-1010 or complete our easy online form. Now is the best time to get the top dental care you deserve - we're looking forward to meeting you!

Sleep apnea dentistry appointments available. We also provide sedation dentistry.

If you're looking for a highly-trained sleep apnea dentist in Longwood you've come to the right place. Dr. Jennifer Nguyen offers care for sleep apnea that Longwood residents have come to trust.

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Dental Insurance Lake Mary FL - Most Carriers Accepted. Dental Insurance Lake Mary Florida - Call SOFTOUCH DENTAL at (855) 202-2857 - We can help you with your dental insurance needs.

About Us

Memberships: Dr. Jennifer Nguyen

Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation

Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation

The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) was founded on the basic principle of ensuring that the high-fear patient has access to safe, comfortable care.

As a member of DOCS in the Lake Mary, FL area, Dr. Nguyen fully supports its mission is to further scientific knowledge and professional education in conscious sedation dentistry to help create a safe and welcoming dental experience to those who avoid seeking care due to fear.


At SOFTOUCH DENTAL we recommend that a mouthguard be part of every athlete's gear, no matter the sport. Parents should make sure their children are protected. Even adults and weekend athletes need to protect their smiles and preserve their health. Wear a mouthguard at all times when playing sports. It’s always best to wear a mouthguard custom-fitted by your dentist, especially if you wear bridges or braces. Don’t wear removable appliances like retainers when playing sports.

If you have any questions about dental health for athletes, please call our office at (855) 202-2857 and we’ll be happy to help you find the answers.

Regular Dental Care Can Prevent Oral Cancer

You may or may not realize that you're screened for oral cancer during your regular dental cleanings at SOFTOUCH DENTAL. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, an American dies of oral cancer every hour of every day. It's a sad proposition, especially when you consider that it is highly curable with early diagnosis.

So if you’re not visiting the dentist regularly, please call our office today at (855) 202-2857 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nguyen.

About Apopka

Practice Services

Home whitening for convenience

If you prefer home teeth whitening for convenience, set up an appointment with Jennifer Nguyen, D.M.D. at her practice in the Apopka, FL area. You'll be able to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home, and on your own schedule, even while you watch television or read a book. You'll be very pleased with the results of Dr. Nguyen's natural home tooth whitening process.

Military dependents welcome in our office

Military Dependents are always welcome at SOFTOUCH DENTAL. Apopka area dentist Dr. Jennifer Nguyen welcomes you to her office, and looks forward to ensuring your family's optimal oral health for years to come.

Natural-looking dental implants

SOFTOUCH DENTAL is a trusted Apopka area dental implants practice providing natural-looking, comfortable tooth replacement. We make it our mission to use a gentle touch during the process.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards to replace missing teeth and provide you with natural-looking results. Our goal is to restore your confidence and your bright, healthy smile.

What We Offer
Sleep apnea dentistry in Lake Mary while you relax with trusted sleep apnea dentist Dr. Jennifer Nguyen. We offer convenient appointments that are designed to fit your busy lifestyle.